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A Kids Book About Racism

Jul 4, 2020

How do you teach your kids to spot racism?

This book is written for young kids to help them understand what racism is. It explores how it feels to be treated differently because of the colour of your skin.

I’ve been eagerly waiting for this book to arrive in the mail. I couldn’t wait any longer so author Jelani Memory read it to me on YouTube. It was perfect, simple, honest and direct. Jelani shares how he’s been affected by racism as a bi-racial man and how racism can happen in big and small ways.

It’s thoughtful and sad and hopeful and uplifting all at the same time.

The author cleverly uses colour and different sized words to communicate meaning, rather than pictures. It really works.

Read this book to initiate honest conversations with your kids about racism. Let your kids ask question, start the discussion and don’t stop talking about it!

Helps with: Understanding racism, how racism impacts people, feelings, an introduction to racism, fairness, encouraging and accepting differences.

Author: Jelani Memory
Publisher: Kids Book About Inc., 2019