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Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse

May 30, 2022

All of us need to be cuddled and loved. 

And surrounded by friends. 

When Alexander the mouse meets Willy the wind-up mouse, he is so happy to find a friend. 

In hearing how much Willy is loved by everyone, Alexander realizes that people don’t care much for him and often scream and chase him away. 

He feels envious of Willy who is loved by everyone. 

Alexander wants to be loved too. He goes to see the magic lizard in the garden to become a wind-up toy. He soon discovers that Willy has been discarded by the child in the home when they receive new toys. Alexander decides to help. 

This book is all about being a good friend and learning to value ourselves as we are. 

I found this Leo Lionni book at the Thrift store and couldn’t resist picking it up as I knew this would be another classic story from one of the best children’s authors. Leo Lionni is a Caldecott Honor winner for this book and other children’s books including Swimmy, Frederick and Inch by Inch.  Using collage style illustrations that capture your attention, Leo Lionni tells this feel-good story of what happens when a friend decides to help a friend. 

We discover the magic of friendship. 

When we seek to help someone or make them happy, we often find happiness ourselves.

I guarantee you’ll feel warm, cuddly and full of love after reading this book to the little ones in your life.  

Helps with: love, friendship, feeling lonely, feeling envy, believing in magic, helping others, and finding happiness.

Author: Leo Lionni
Publisher: Scholastic Inc., 1969