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Be You!

Nov 30, 2020

Even though life can feel overwhelming right now—it’s okay to celebrate your differences.

Be a free thinker.

Discover your own answers.

Remember to be you.

“Each day is a new chance to be more you.”

Peter Reynolds does it again.

This time he’s encouraging us (kids and adults) to be who we are; curious, understanding, persistent, brave, kind and colorful. He reminds us to be silly, to try new things and help others to be themselves too.

The intention and the messages in this book are so well-timed to support us in the world we’re currently in. We’re encouraged to reach out for help when we need it, to stay connected and to be okay with being alone.

With beautiful bright illustrations, Peter Reynolds prompts us to be with people who make us feel like our real selves. Uplifting, encouraging, affirming and loving, this book reminds us to be the best version of ourselves.

Be very, very YOU!

Helps with: individuality, being the best version of yourself, celebrating differences, honouring diversity, spreading kindness, listening, trying new things, mindfulness, listening inside to your inner voice, compassion, staying connected and asking for help.

Author: Peter H. Reynolds
Publisher: Orchard Books, 2020