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Emily of New Moon

Sep 9, 2018

Is your child sensitive, feisty and independent?

 If you thought Anne of Green Gables had spunk, L.M. Montgomery’s favorite character Emily Starr will knock your socks off.  Emily Starr, the heroine of the Emily trilogy, is a quick witted, ambitious and independent child who is not afraid to say what she thinks.

This classic (the first book in the series) tells the tale of pale and orphaned Emily who is sent to live with her Aunts on New Moon Farm in P.E.I. She is 12 years old and her father just died.

Her life isn’t easy.

She’s often misunderstood and mistreated by the adults in her life. She stands up to her strict Aunt, and works hard to gain the love she needs in her new home. She deals with disappointments and triumphs that shape her as she grows up.

She develops friendships and bonds that are so engaging, you feel like you’re living life alongside her.

Emily describes her life to her dead father in letters. She writes poems and stories and dreams of being a famous author. My kids found Emily so easy to relate to with her sensitive nature and convincing emotions.

All of this makes Emily my hero.

She’s bold with a sensitivity that makes her strong and vulnerable. She thrives in an old fashioned, male dominated world and shows us we can stand up for who we are.

Author: L.M. Montgomer
Publisher: Dell Laurel-Leaf, 1983