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Franklin in the Dark

Mar 31, 2018

Is your child afraid of the dark? Are they afraid of being alone?
There’s a Franklin the Turtle book for every possible problem and stage, and my kids and I love every single one. This very first book of the series is a special one. It will help your little one with fears, anxiety, and all kinds of worries. It’s dark when Franklin tucks into his turtle shell, and it freaks him out. In solving his problem, we meet all his friends. It’s easily relatable, and downright adorable. Franklin helps us see how our fears can get in the way of doing what we love, and how even after struggling, we can overcome. Drawing on the support of his friends, Franklin discovers we all have fears—and he finds a clever way to deal with his (I won’t spoil it!).

Helps with: anxiety, fears, worries, feeling safe, normalizing fears, asking for help, getting support from friends, finding answers within, and fear of the dark.

Author:  Paulette Bourgeois
Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks, 1987