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I Am Quiet: A Story for the Introvert in ALL of Us

Mar 7, 2023

Meet Emile. Grown-ups tell him, “Don’t be shy.” 

Emile says, “I am not shy. I AM QUIET.” 

Emile has been misunderstood by the adults in his life. He is quiet on the outside but not on the inside. 

On the inside, Emile has an active imagination and he is an adventurer. On the outside, he plays quietly by himself and listens intently to the sounds around him when he walks home from school. 

Written by Andie Powers, who understood her daughter’s silence had nothing to do with being timid or apprehensive. Powers empower us to recognize all of what it means to be quiet and introverted as well as what it doesn’t mean. 

Strength can be quiet. 

Answers can be quiet. 

Friendship can be quiet.

A beautiful book with illustrations that capture the expansive imagination of Emile on the inside and the quiet reflection of what appears on the outside. 

This book will help those kids who like to read alone at recess or quietly explore their surroundings. It is for all the people (adults and kids) who need to understand the difference between shy and quiet. 

Helps with: being quiet and misunderstood, being an introvert, knowing yourself, imagination, creativity, listening, and mindfulness.

Author: Andie Powers
Publisher: Bala Kids, 2022