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Louisiana’s Way Home

Sep 14, 2019

Twelve-year old Louisiana Elefante is spunky, brave and determined to find her way back home.

Louisiana tells her story first hand—to make sure somebody knows what happened to her.

It begins when her eccentric granny wakes her up at 3 am to tell her the day of reckoning has arrived, they must leave immediately, and confront the family curse. Louisiana is far away from home, against her will and fighting to find her way back.

As Louisiana tells us “…this is a story of woe and confusion, but it is also a story of joy and kindness and free peanuts.”

This is my first Kate DiCamillo book, but I can see why she’s an award-winning author! I laughed a lot at the ways Louisiana’s got herself out of many tight spots. I also cried many times at the heartbreaking loss and confusion Louisiana experiences as she learns about who she is.

I love Louisiana’s quick wit, her funny observations of the people she meets, and her deep sensitivity. She’s not afraid to cry when she needs to. The kindness of the people she meets and the help that is offered is a beautiful reminder of the love we can have for each other, even strangers.

This middle school novel will have you and your child, thinking about what home, forgiveness, and friendship mean to you. You’ll adore Louisiana and her tale of loss, self-discovery, change and love.

Helps with: feeling alone, goodbyes, loss, letting go, sudden change, expressing emotions, being true to yourself, love, friendship, forgiveness, and self discovery.

Author: Kate DiCamillo
Publisher: Candlewick Press, 2018