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Princess Smartypants

Sep 26, 2022

Do you ever feel like your kid is being a smarty-pants?

Is this a good thing?

For Princess Smartypants—who must avoid all the suitors who want to marry her—it is!

“Princess Smartypants did not want to get married. She enjoyed being a Ms.” 

She was happy to live in her castle with her pets and do exactly as she pleased. 

She determines the best way to deal with her parents’ wish that she marries, is to set up multiple challenges that no suitor could possibly accomplish. That is until Prince Swashbuckle shows up.  

I love Babette Cole’s sense of humour and her willingness to write (and draw funny illustrations) about kids who are spunky, and independent. She helps kids to see they don’t have to fit the mould, they can be who they are, and they can be a feisty feminist if they choose. 

In the end Princess Smartypants shows us that you can live happily ever after—when you stand up for yourself!

Helps with: standing up for yourself, confidence, independence, counteracting Disney’s princess message, being strong, smart and a feminist.

Author: Babette Cole
Publisher: Puffin Books, 2000