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See You in the Cosmos

Mar 17, 2018

Families are complicated and so is love and friendship. You’ll fall in love with Alex, the 11-year old main character, because of his quirky way of seeing the world. He’s a big-hearted little man, full of innocence and courage. Alex pursues his passion for outer space, goes on an epic solo journey and learns to face the truth about his family. He also finds hope (and the true meaning of family) in the most unlikely places. Some reviews voice concern about Alex travelling unaccompanied, but I felt a sense of freedom following his adventures—and so did my kids. Alex’s innocence and trusting nature were like ice cream on a hot day. Alex left me feeling safe in this big world. When we’re lost or stuck, there are always kind people to help us find our way back home. P.S. You don’t have to like rockets or outer space to love this book!

Helps with: Perseverance, friendship, feeling different, having a parent with mental illness, loss, hope, love, acceptance, follow your passion/dreams, dreaming, dreams, rockets, science, outer space.

Author: Jack Cheng
Publisher: Dial Books, 2017