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Stella, Queen of the Snow

Feb 21, 2021

Do you remember your first snowstorm?

It could be that snow has lost its allure this winter.

I guarantee that Stella, and her little brother Sam, will change the way you see it.

Marie-Louise Gay, one of Canada’s leading children’s book authors and illustrators, captures the playful hearts and minds of young children in this snowy adventure.

It’s Sam’s first snowstorm and he has lots of questions about snow and winter. His sister Stella knows all the answers.

As the two kids explore the landscape building snow forts, skating, having snowball fights and sledding, we learn what polar bears eat, where snowmen sleep, and how many snowflakes are in a snowball.

The illustrations are filled with colourful birds, trees and most of all the beautiful snow.

A teacher’s guide, put out by the publisher, offers many activities to bring the book to life at home.

If you have a young child (ages 2-5 yrs) who loves to ask questions, this book will delight them. They may ask more questions or embark on their own explorations. Like me, you may love Stella and Sam so much that you’ll check all their adventures in the Stella and Sam series.

Stella’s answers come from her heart. They are so sweet and magical that you end up imagining birds wearing snow boots and snow angels flying in the sky.

Listen carefully and you may hear them sing.

Helps with: importance of play, curiosity, imagination and asking questions, siblings and supportive family relationships, nature and the wonders of the natural world, learning about the seasons (especially winter), exploring with the senses, winter games and activities, and learning about snow.

Groundwood books shares an informative teacher’s guide to Stella, Queen of the Snow https://groundwoodbooks.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/StellaSnow_StudyGuide05.pdf

Author: Marie-Louise Gay
Publisher: Groundwood Books, 2000