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The Bird Book

Jan 21, 2023

Thousands of different kinds of birds are found all over the world. 

They are one of the most successful groups of animals. 

But they need our help. 

In this picture book, you’ll meet small birds, tall birds, colourful birds, powerful birds, and smart birds. You’ll learn about birds that swim, hunt, dive, run, and sing. 

You’ll also learn fascinating facts about all different kinds of birds, such as: How migrating birds find their way, which birds are the most intelligent, how birds fly, how birds survived from the dinosaur age, and which birds are endangered and extinct. You’ll even learn that chickens and ostriches are the closest living relatives of Tyrannosaurus Rex. 

The cut-paper collage illustrations are eye-popping and realistic. The information about birds is shared by Jenkins and Page in an engaging and playful way. I loved discovering that the oldest known bird was Cookie, a pink cockatoo, who lived to age 83. 

I only just discovered Steve Jenkins and his informative and stunning picture books created with his wife Robin Page. Sadly, I learned that Steve Jenkins died in 2021. His legacy lives on in the many picture books he’s created teaching us everything we want to know about animals and the natural world.  

He shared this quote about his work in 2000:

Children don’t need anyone to give them a sense of wonder; they already have that, but they do need a way to incorporate the various bits and pieces of knowledge they acquire into some logical picture of the world. For me, science provides the most elegant and satisfying way to construct this picture.”

The last four pages of the book provide a table detailing the size, diet, and range of the birds we’re introduced to.

Perfect for a curious child, a school project, or classroom exploration, you won’t want to miss learning all you can about birds in this fascinating book. 

Helps with: learning about birds, getting excited about science and the natural world, and conservation.

Author: Steve Jenkins and Robin Page
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers, 2022