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The Book of Mistakes

Apr 27, 2021

We all make mistakes.

But do we have to let them frustrate us or set us back?

In this beautifully drawn picture book, Corinna Luyken demonstrates how mistakes can be used to create something new and innovative. Ink spots, a neck that’s too long, a cat/frog can be turned into something completely different. As we turn the pages, we watch the “mistakes” being transformed into a beautiful creation by the end of the book.

We can learn from and explore our mistakes.

Budding artist will appreciate the reminder of how the creative process works. Adults and children will love to examine each page and watch the creation unfold.

Mistakes can lead us to discover beautiful ideas and create something new. They help to set our imagination free.

Mistakes help us to grow and make us who we are.

Enjoy this celebration of imperfection and allow this took to help you embrace your mistakes!

Helps with: creativity, imagination, problem solving, growth mindset, celebrating improvisation and mistakes, embracing imperfection.

Author: Corinna Luyken
Publisher: Dial Books, 2017