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The Girl and the Wolf

Jan 13, 2021

Have you ever felt scared, lost and unsure of what to do?

The girl has wandered away from her mother in the woods, only to be met by a tall grey wolf with white teeth.

The girl is wearing a red dress, but this wolf isn’t a scary wolf.

Katherena Vermette, a Metis writer from Manitoba, brings a creative new twist to the classic wolf story. The simple and beautiful illustrations of the Indigenous girl and the wolf in nature, draw us in to the story and woods immediately.

The wolf surprises the girl (and all of us) by encouraging her to breathe and listen inside to figure out what to do next. He provides calming reassurance. As a protector, the wolf offers care and support.

What a powerful reminder to trust in our own deep knowing and guidance. When we get quiet and listen inside, we too can feel powerful, brave and supported.

This book reminds us to trust in ourselves and believe that not all wolves are scary.

Helps with: listening inside, trusting in yourself, using your skills, using guidance and protection from nature and animals, developing courage and bravery, and gratitude.

Author: Katherena Vermette
Publisher: Theytus Books Ltd., 2019