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The Kindest Red

Feb 5, 2023

What kind of world do you wish to live in?  

The class of children in the Kindest Red, get to use their powers to make the world a better place. What would you choose?

In this book, we see how important it is to share acts of kindness with friends and family, and the joy that it brings both to the giver and receiver. 

We also get a glimpse into the world of Olympic Gold Medalist Ibtihaj Muhammed’s life, as she shares this story of friendship and hijab based on her own life. The hijab is special to the main character Faizah as we learn about her connection to faith and her family. 

Faizah’s friends help her solve a problem and we see how a world where kindness passes from one to another – creates a better place.  

Helps with: acts of kindness, the joy of helping others, what is a hijab, family, faith, and friendship.

Author: Ibtihaj Muhammed and S.K. Ali
Publisher: Little Brown and Company, 2023