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The Moon Remembers

May 23, 2024

Have you forgotten who you are?

Look up!

The moon remembers.

Everyone was a baby once.

All the bunnies, and squirrels, every tree, and flower, and even your pet cricket was a baby.

When a baby is born, the moon is there.

The moon remembers every life, every moment, and YOU!

This sweet picture book written and illustrated by E.B. Goodale reminds us of the constancy of the moon. It would make a perfect birthday or baby shower gift and a peaceful bedtime story to bring calm and connection to a young child in your life.

This book reminds us of how perfect we are and how connected we all are to the natural world.

“The moon remembers where you came from—even when you’ve forgotten.”

Helps with: mindfulness, growth and change, creating peace before bedtime, family connection, the cycle of life, understanding the natural world, and creating magic in your child’s life.

Author: E.B. Goodale
Publisher: Clarion Books, 2023