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What’s in Your Pocket? Collecting Nature’s Treasures

May 7, 2023

What’s in your pocket?

A smooth stone?

A feather or seashell?

A wiggly worm?

Children love to pick up all the wonderful and interesting things they find in nature —and put them in their pockets!

In this book, we learn that “every famous scientist was once a curious kid.” As children, famous scientist such as Jane Goodall, Charles Darwin, and George Washington Carver, collected and sorted items from nature.

Who knew that Maria Sibylla Merian discovered caterpillars turn into butterflies during a time when people didn’t understand the life cycle of insects?

Heather Montgomery shares fascinating information about famous scientists through her depiction of them as children, making early discoveries.

Whether you have a child who likes to collect items or you want to engage them in making discoveries in their world, this book will introduce them to science.

The book contains beautiful colour illustrations of nature along with more details in the back about each of the 9 scientists. We also learn the author’s “rules for collecting” which include ways to protect nature and people.

What a fun way to learn about science and encourage children’s curiosity and sense of exploration.

What’s in your pocket?

Helps with: staying curious, exploring nature, outdoor exploring and play, introduction to science, naturalistic intelligence, collecting, learning new things, and respecting nature and people.

Author: Heather Montgomery
Publisher: Charlesbridge Publishing, 2021