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Where Snow Angels Go

Dec 23, 2022

One night, Sylvie wakes up to realize she’s not alone in her bedroom.

A figure with a shimmering glow and enormous wings made of snow-white feathers appears beside her bed.

She is not supposed to be able to see him or speak to him—but she can.

She soon discovers he is her very own snow angel and he has come to help save her.

“Once you make an angel in the snow, it is yours forever.”

Sylvie was told she’d forget about her snow angel when she falls asleep—but she doesn’t. After he helps her heal from a long illness, she tries to find ways to bring him back to her but nothing works.

This magical story written by Maggie O’Farrell is here to awaken the magic and wonder in us all. It tells the tale of a young girl’s ability to overcome challenges with the help of her very own protective angel.

This book is longer than a regular picture book (63 pages) which means it can be enjoyed over several nights. The illustrations in this book are enchanting, and I felt like I’d entered a magical wintery world.

Perfect for the holidays, or any wintery day, this tale will help you remember the power of wishing and the magic of believing in something greater than yourself.

Now let’s go make a snow angel!

Helps with: Reassurance, feeling alone, resilience, overcoming challenges, courage, wonder, wishing, and magic.

Author: Maggie O’Farrell
Publisher: Candlewick Press, 2020