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Winter: A Solstice Story

Dec 12, 2023

The longest night of the year is coming soon.

Will you be ready to spread the light?

It is dark, cold, and quiet. Deep in the forest the quiet of winter surrounds the woodland creatures.

Owl calls from his perch to see who can help to shine the light and share a gift of hope on Solstice night.

Each animal brings a unique gift to the celebration and helps to share the light. Hugs, hope, shelter, and comfort are a few of the gifts they bring.

“Love’s light will flow beyond our tree, across the land, the sky, and sea. The stars glow bright this time of year. Let’s celebrate! Winter’s here!”

This book is like a warm hug. The illustrations are soft and inviting. Along with the beautiful prose they help us feel the energy of this wintry scene.

I love to celebrate the longest day of the year and mark the importance of the return of light.

I was happy to find this book that your little’s will love. The fold-out spread of the Solstice tree will be a delightful surprise.

Even on the darkest days, we can find hope, and celebrate the gifts we share.

Helps with: Winter Solstice, return of the light, sharing, community, belonging, friendship, teamwork, hope, comfort, and the changing seasons.

Author: Kelsey E. Gross
Publisher: Simon & Schuster (2023)