April 8, 2019

Apparently we don’t have to repeat the same relationship patterns over and over again.

Was this helpful? Let me know which part really hit home, in the comments below.

You’re more powerful than you know,



Bija Repta says

Wow, so interesting... everything you each talked about makes total sense. I loved the “permission” to know you just want to be alone right now—that the ultimate goal isn’t to be in a couple:) Great information as I navigate sole parenting, knowing there is another partner out there for me, and also being aware that I want to keep working with myself so that I do not attract any of the same patterns... loved it!!🙏🏼


Carolyn says

Bija, Yes full permission for us all to do what is right for us in the moment. I love that Tari kept coming back to working on ourselves no matter where we are on our path to relationships. You are so so wise! xo


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