May 6, 2016

Today I wanted to send my love to all you moms out there who support, nurture, give and grow this world. Even if you aren’t raising kids, many of you do these very same things for the people in your lives.

It’s fun to be recognized on Mother’s Day for this important job. I know my role is crucial to my children, but still, I have many days when I forget I’m doing something so important.

Days can go by where I don’t feel seen or acknowledged for my work as a mom, and that’s okay. The laundry, the cooking, the tidying, the organizing, the homework, it’s all what I signed up for. But on my not-so-happy days, sometimes I ask myself, “If I didn’t do all this, would anyone notice? Does anyone even care?” When I start to feel like a martyr, I know I need a reset to find my way back to meaning.

This week, I came across the photo below—and it reset me. Taken in Rishikesh, India, on the shores of the Ganges, it reminds me that simple acts are sacred.

Travelling in Bali and India, I witnessed the locals performing daily offerings. Each day the staff at the small Balinese hotel would place a beautiful arrangement of flowers, incense and leaves at the foot of a Goddess statue, or in front of a tree. A day wouldn’t go by without offerings being given in sacred ritual. In India, leaves holding a tea light and flowers were prepared on the river’s edge, to be sent in an offering down the holy Ganges River.

Often, these were very small tokens. They were beautiful and meaningful. And many had nothing to do with a special occasion. These small but beautiful offerings were a part of every day life.

This made me start to think about my daily mothering activities in a different light. I realized that as small as they appear, there is such meaning in these gifts to my children.

This week I removed a spider from the house, found a missing sock, and broke up an argument between sisters. I held a hand. I rummaged through the house to find staples, braided hair, and untangled a necklace. I read books, peeled carrots, and gave a speech on crossing the road.

These small gestures of support are important acts of love. They occur every day. They are as beautiful as the flowers floating down the river, equally powerful and sacred.

They often go unnoticed, and sometimes feel like duty or obligation. But when I remember my day is filled with so many ways to give, I am grateful for the simple beauty of these acts.

In this moment, I’m grateful for finding the sacred in every day. I’m grateful to be a mom because I know what I do makes a difference in someone’s life. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Today I’m also thinking of you, and the countless offerings of love you share in the world.

Your love makes a difference.



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