Smiling kids in a huddle, all wearing plaid shirts
May 3, 2018

It was a difficult yelling, fighting, and rushing kinda morning with the kids.

Dropping them off at school, I couldn’t erase the morning. But I could remind them about starting over.

We didn’t do well with being kind to each other this morning. We can do better. Go out there and be kind today.

Many of us want our children to be gifted, achieving, intelligent little go-getters.

But for me there’s something more important than accolades and good grades—I want them to be kind.

Learning how to be kind makes us all smarter.

Dendrites are the neural connections we make in our brains. Many of us assume that learning facts and figures is the only way to grow dendrites. But if we can grow our dendritic connections to include heart-based intelligence, we grow a whole new way of being.

Research shows we actually think with our hearts.

The heart has 40,000 neurons and a nervous system that operates independently from the brain. So, the heart is a major center of intelligence.

Heart-based intelligence is using the wisdom of our heart and trusting our intuition so we can make decisions from a place of compassion and empathy.

When it comes to creating more peace and love on this planet, the heart is where it’s at.

Try this quick technique: Touch your heart space (in whatever way you wish), and breathe as you open up the connection between your heart and brain. It may seem simple but our heart’s power is impressive.

At the end of that rushing and UNkind day, I watched my eldest take care of her little sister’s feelings, listening with genuine interest and care. Then my youngest told me she gave a friend at school the Kids Help Phone number because she was talking about stress in her home. These moments still my heart—and also help balance all the times they’re fighting like banshees!

The smartest, most genius kids, are the ones who choose love.

My kids won’t always do it perfectly (none of us can), but I’ll keep doing my best to steer them down the road of compassion.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you help your kids cultivate compassion in their everyday lives.

From my heart to yours,
Carolyn Jyoti


Lotus Mandara says

Hey Jyoti MA, (you with the big heart)

I love your story. The strength of love and kindness is potent.

When I was involved in a nature school we had kids who didn't fit into the regular school system so they came to us.
We invested in two little very shy bunnies. The kids were given responsibilities for bunny care. Later it was a small dog who had "issues". They learned compassion and caretaking for these animals and eventually themselves and others.

Peace On (a saying that a friend uses instead of bye)


Carolyn says

Lotus - I love this example of nurturing compassion in children and how animals always bring out our best selves. Spreading peace in nature is such a beautiful act of service - you are amazing!


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