January 5, 2019

It’s a snowy January when two twin mice, Winnie and Willie, discover a tree that can talk! Of course his name is Woody.

The curious mice befriend Woody and watch him change each month over a year. They see his buds grow and fruit blossom and his leaves fall—so much happens in a year!

Woody shares his fears with the mice, especially forest fires in the summer months.

He reminds us that some people are careless with cigarettes and campfires. He tells Winnie and Willie that he can’t run if there is a fire—and they’re ready to help.

This charming story helps little ones understand all the real-life changes that a tree goes through as the seasons change. Leo Lionni has written and illustrated more then 40 highly acclaimed children’s books and this is one you don’t want to miss.

For me, this book is a reminder that we humans also go through changes all year long, in sync with the rhythms of nature and trees.

If we’re lucky to have friends like Winnie, Willie, and Woody, we can manage the many seasons of life.

Helps with: understanding nature’s cycles, seasons, trees, forest fires, friendship, months of the year, caring for nature, asking for help, growth, and change.