December 7, 2018

“Breathing in, I see myself as a mountain.
Breathing out, I feel solid.
Mountain, solid.”

Could you or the children in your life benefit from some calming, relaxing, or grounding energy today?

Introduce kids to meditation with a practical, hands-on activity that uses four pebbles to connect to nature, and calm little bodies and minds.

Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh created this simple meditation to help children and their families return to their breath and body, and connect with the world around them. The pebbles represent four elements of nature: flower, mountain, water, and space. They can represent any qualities that you wish to bring into your life.

Connecting to the breath, holding the pebbles and imagining the nature element is a sacred way to meditate.

This mindful practice reminds us to look at things with fresh eyes and be open to the moment. It helps us find stillness inside and see things as they truly are. Connecting to our need for space—both inside and around us—is another wonderful gift of this book.

And it’s not just for kids. The meditation helped me feel a sense of freedom inside.

This book offers a classroom lesson for students, a way to introduce meditation to a child in your life, and an opportunity for everyone to find stillness within. It also includes a drawing meditation, practice sheets, instructions on how to make a pebble meditation bag and a song, making it a complete mindfulness experience for the whole family.

I can’t wait to use this tool in a children’s yoga class!

Helps with: introduction to meditation, mindfulness, gratitude, drawing meditation, stress relief, breath practice, understanding how nature impacts us, grounding, being in the moment, imagination, visualization, guided imagery, increasing concentration, dealing with difficult emotions, feeling calm, learning to cultivate space inside.