July 23, 2021

Starting school can be scary when you’re little.

Figuring out who we are is hard at any age.

For Vanessa, her first day of school starts with choosing the perfect outfit to represent who she is. But her first day wasn’t what she expected.

Vanessa doesn’t feel special. It’s so hard to write her name that she decides to change it to Megan as it’s shorter with fewer s’s.

With the help of her mother, Vanessa realizes she doesn’t need the perfect outfit to be who she is.

This sweet and simple book, beautifully illustrated and written by Vanessa Brantley-Newton is inspired by Vanessa’s own childhood. Ideal for children starting school, they’ll learn how to love themselves through a transition—perfect as they are.

Helps with: starting school, dealing with transitions, feeling self-conscious, identifying feelings, discovering yourself, self-love and acceptance.