May 18, 2019

I love seeing the dandelions pop up on my lawn in May and watching the bees return. When my kids were younger they made signs saying “Save the Bees, Keep the Dandelions”.

We knew how important the bees were to our eco-system but we didn’t know that honeybees perform a special dance.

Honeybees perform an intricate dance to tell their hivemates the specific direction and distance of the food source. In this book, we follow the foraging honeybee as she searches for nectar and then communicates through her dance with all the bees in the hive.

Filled with brightly coloured flowers and bees, this picture book is perfect for toddlers. Children learn through the natural world. By watching the bees, kids will understand that we can also use our senses and our bodies to communicate.

You’ll learn about the figure eight waggle-run dance and how it relates to the angle of the sun. This simple story helps little ones understand the unique communication and cooperation of bees working together in the animal world.

Helps with: learning about nature and the animal world, connecting to the seasons, communication, community, understanding how we use our senses, pollination, and how bees make honey.