October 13, 2019

I think of myself as a nature lover. I’ve gone on nature walks all over the world and hugged a fair share of trees. I’m tuned into the mysteries of the forest.

What I didn’t realize, was that I had a lot to learn about the magic of trees.

Trees can communicate through the forest Internet and talk to each other. They can send warnings when there’s danger. Trees go to school and have grandparents with wrinkles like we do! Trees can be scared, lonely and also brave.

The bestselling book, The Hidden Life of Trees reveals the science of how trees communicate and feel. In this children’s version, Peter Wohlleben shares the knowledge through beautiful photos, quizzes, questions and hands-on activities to try in the forest.

Read this book with a child in your life and you’ll never look at trees the same way.

I’m excited to explore the forest this fall with my new perspective on the miracle of trees. I can’t wait to listen deeply, pay close attention and hug the trees a little snugger.

Helps with: appreciation of trees, forests, nature and how trees help us, nature conservation, collaboration, understanding how animals and trees communicate and co-exist, environmental awareness, differences between trees, science activities, discovery, imagination and exploration.