January 28, 2021

Have you been waking up in the morning feeling contrary lately?

Do you find your child wants to wear their clothes backwards some days?

Mary’s a sweet little mouse, who wants to do everything backwards and upside down on this particular day. She eats dinner for breakfast, rides her bicycle backwards and spends the day reading books upside down.

Mary’s mom is confused at first but catches on, and decides to play along.

I read this book to my kids a lot when they were little.

Feeling a little contrary myself lately, it felt good to read it again today.

The playful approach to defiance always gave us a good laugh and lightened things up if they were having a contrary day.

Playful, silly and written to appeal to children, this book is perfect for children ages 3-6 years who like to do it their way!

Helps with: tools to deal with “no”, normalizing challenging behaviour, diminishing power struggles, bringing humour in to manage challenges.