February 8, 2020

Cornelia Augusta decides that it must be getting close to Valentine’s Day when it starts raining hearts.

She examines all the hearts she’s collected in the rainstorm and notices their differences. Cornelia decides which hearts would be perfect for her friends. She creates a card for each of her four friends that are as unique as they are!

I can’t remember where this book came from, but it’s one I read to my kids every Valentine’s Day, when they were little. It inspired us to think of all the people in our lives whom we loved, what was unique about each of them and how we could be creative in sharing our love for them.

Enjoy this sweet story with a positive message of love on Valentine’s Day.

Helps with: creativity, honouring differences, imagination, valuing friendship, thinking of others, spreading love, learning to read, homemade craft ideas, classroom tool for Valentine’s Day.