October 24, 2018

George may look like a boy, but she knows she’s a girl.

She’s been hiding this secret from everyone for a long time.

My daughter picked this book to understand and learn what it really means to be transgendered—and it helped me too.

Alex Gino introduces us to George’s life and her struggle to be who she is, despite the body she’s been born into.

George is in grade 4 and is teased and bullied at school. To make matters worse, her teacher won’t let her try out for the part of Charlotte, in the class play of Charlotte’s Web, because she’s a boy.

We also witness the adults in George’s life, those who make it harder for her to come out, and those who offer support.

I could feel George’s sadness, fear, hope and courage as she learned to embrace herself.

With the help of her best friend Kelly, George finds her voice and a way to let everyone know who she is. Share this book with your grade school child to help them know what it means to be trans.

Helps with: feeling different, acceptance, transgender, gender identity, coming out, being who you are, truth, bullying, LGBTQ.