November 12, 2019

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has
never tried anything new.” –Albert Einstein

What if we could see our failures as opportunities? What if we could recognize that accidents can lead to innovation, invention and scientific breakthrough?

In this non-fiction book, we learn how to become an accidental genius.

We learn about the mistakes and accidents that have lead to amazing inventions. This book emphasizes that being a “genius” means being curious and flexible, asking questions, seeing the opportunities in failures, and never taking no for an answer.

We can all be geniuses!

My kids and I loved reading about the incredible things that have been invented and the many female inventors we’d never heard of. Each invention and inventor is highlighted with photographs and quotes that bring their stories to life. We learn how some inventors took a long time to perfect their creation while others stumbled upon it by accident. Some inventors are young and some are no longer alive. They all come from diverse backgrounds, countries and religions.

If you want to ignite your own genius, and that of a child in your life, spend a little time exploring this gem. Not only will you learn about some fascinating inventions, you’ll be reminded to stay curious, be persistent and to trust your instincts.

Helps with: understanding science experiments, trying something new, trusting your feelings and instincts, being persistent, asking questions, being open to possibilities, believing in yourself, making connections, being innovative, engaging your passion and curiosity.