July 27, 2018

How do you involve your child in your spiritual life and have conversations about qualities like compassion, boundaries, or abundance? And how do you help them to bring these qualities into their lives? This is where the children’s edition of the I am Divine affirmation cards come in. With the “I am Divine Choice” card we’re reminded, “You can choose to be loving and kind or mean and hurtful. You can choose how to respond to any situation in your life.”

These beautifully illustrated cards provide 32 affirmations designed to help your child connect with their true spirit. The meditations written for each affirmation offer ideas, suggestions and tools that you can practice together. Kids will learn about commitment, service, courage, forgiveness and so much more.

When my kids were younger I found it challenging to get them to set intentions. They  couldn’t express what they wanted to create for their day except “to be happy”. These cards help kids to set intentions and shift the energy.

Speaking the words, “I am” is a powerful way to remind us to embrace those qualities in ourselves that make us whole. This deck is not only for children, the messages remind me of who I truly am. These cards are a quick way to set you on the right path for your day.

Helps with: creating a spiritual practice, connecting to your true self, developing compassion for yourself and others, self worth, setting intentions, daily affirmations, divine guidance, meditation, values, conversations about spirituality.