June 13, 2018

There’s a lot of chaos in the world right now and many of us are feeling it. How do we find peace inside of us and help our children to do the same? Mindfulness is a powerful and effective tool available to all of us. A lot of people are talking about it, but how do we practice it easily and help our kids to learn to do it too?

This simple children’s story (for all ages) brings us into the present moment. The beautiful watercolour illustrations guide us on a peaceful journey with a boy as he discovers the power of being in the now. He grounds his feet into the earth and let’s his thoughts settle. He notices his senses, natural surroundings, breath, and feelings and this helps us to do the same.

Reading this book, my kids and I felt immediately grounded. I loved the reminder that when we are peace, we can share peace with others who need it too. Featuring a guided meditation that you can practice with your child, this is a book the whole family will enjoy.

Helps with: mindfulness, meditation, affirmations, spreading peace, being present, feelings, calming the mind, kindness, reducing worries, relaxation, connecting with nature, imagination, hope.