March 9, 2020

What if you could capture the beautiful moments of a sunset, a meteor shower or falling leaves in a jar?

Collecting the wonders of winter, the newness of spring and the long days and shadows of summer, in a jar, may seem impossible to you and I. To Llewellyn and Evelyn nothing is impossible.

Things you may not think would even fit in a jar do so perfectly. From ordinary things like feathers and heart shaped stones, to sounds, lights and experiences. Each memory stays in a jar to remind them of all their moments and the beauty of nature that surrounds them.

Collecting is a metaphor for capturing and remembering all the moments Llewellyn and his friend have together. When Evelyn moves to a new town, Llewellyn must figure out how to stay connected to his friend and continue creating memories together.

This book is filled with beautiful illustrations that are almost cartoon like. Every bottle is shaped differently to hold the overflowing memories. Your child will love to look into each jar to see what was captured. Although a little surreal, the message is pure. In creating memories together in the present moment, our friendships will grow no matter how far apart we are.

While this book is helpful for little ones whose friends are moving away, it offers us so much more. The message brightens our view of the world and we’re reminded that friendships expand our world, moment by moment.

If you could bottle or collect a special moment in a jar to savour later, what would it be?

Helps with: friendship, when a friend moves away, savouring the moment, creating memories, dealing with loss, staying connected to friends, sharing, imagination, appreciating nature and the seasons, making new friends.