April 19, 2019

When the energy in my home is frenzied and we’re arguing more than usual, I look up at the sky and the moon is full.

It’s a full moon today. Energy is heightened during a full moon. Emotions, feelings and dreams are all amplified and sometimes it can feel a little crazed.

It’s also a creative time. Draw on the full moon’s power to paint, write, play music, dance and sing.

There is a fullness in your life worth celebrating.  

In Every Moon There is a Face is a poem, set to beautiful illustrations of the moon in all it’s expressions. The moon becomes a face, a child, a butterfly. Each page provides a detailed illustration to explore and delight in.

As Mathes says, “This is a story that words cannot tell, so be sure to look and listen with your heart.”

Every month on the full and new moon I publish a bookends review. Instead of sticking to a date, I wanted to tune us into the rhythms of the moon each month. Whether it be setting intentions (new moon) or tuning into the heightened creative energy (full moon), it’s fun to connect with these energies that are always affecting us.

Slowing down to listen with your heart is a true gift during a full moon when things can feel speeded up.

Get this book if you want to bring a bit of poetry, peace and creativity into your bedtime stories and share the magic of the moon with your little ones.

Helps with: creativity, heart coherence, relaxation, meditation, imagination, and finding the magic in everything.