November 19, 2021

“It fell from the sky on a Thursday. 

No one knew where it came from. 

No one knew what it could be.” 

“But everyone agreed it was the most amazing thing they’d ever seen.” 

All the garden insects come out to examine the amazing wonder. The frog thought it was a gumdrop. The wise grasshopper was sure it was not of earthly origins. The Luna moth was certain it was a magical chrysalis. 

Spider decides it belongs to him and he builds a grand exhibit and charges a price to see the wonder from the sky. When an unexpected disaster happens, the spider realizes he needs to do something different.

This is the first Fan Brothers picture book I’ve read and I understand there are more where this delightful book came from. The black and white pictures with the colourful “wonder from the sky” are dreamy and fun. 

When the world opens up for all the insects of the garden, and the wonders are shared by all, we see a full colour illustration of all the delights that keep falling from the sky. 

This book opens conversations with kids about being selfish, the benefits of giving back and sharing in community. Most importantly it reminds us to always listen inside to our own inner knowing. 

Helps with: community, imagination, listening to your inner wisdom, being selfish, being patient, and giving back.