August 5, 2022

“Ruthie Simms didn’t have a dog. 

She didn’t have a cat, or a brother, or a sister. 

But Jessica was the next best thing.”

Jessica is five-year old Ruthie’s imaginary friend. Jessica does everything with Ruthie. 

They eat together, play together, read books together, and feel the same feelings. Ruthie says that Jessica doesn’t want her parents to go out and leave her with a babysitter—it’s not Ruthie that feels that way!

When it’s time to start kindergarten, Ruthie’s parents suggest that Jessica stay home, so Ruthie can meet some new friends. 

But Jessica goes anyways. 

Kevin Henkes is one of my all-time favourite children’s author and illustrator. I love how he really gets children. Like when Ruthie blames a spill on her imaginary friend, just like a 5-year-old would. The illustrations are bright and engaging with side notes about what the children are thinking. 

This simple and sweet easy to read book, highlights how it can be lonely being an only child. But not if you have an imagination! It also is a great book for helping kids with first day of school anxiety and making friends. 

Little kids will definitely relate to this story and you’ll love it too!

Helps with: imaginary friends, only children, imagination, making friends, change, anxiety, first day of school.