December 8, 2022

Nigel’s future is bright when he looks up at the moon. 

He imagines himself an astronaut, a dancer, and a superhero. 

But in the real world, during career week, it’s hard to share his dreams with his classmates. 

“It’s easy to tell the moon his truth. It’s easy to tell the moon his dreams. But Nigel’s not ready to tell the world.”

Nigel’s parents don’t have fancy jobs, but they encourage Nigel to dream big and be proud of who he is. 

When his parents come to speak to his class about their jobs, Nigel finds the confidence to share his dreams with the world. 

I love how Antwan Eady helps us to see what’s important to a child who doesn’t feel like he belongs. When his parents support Nigel in front of his class, he shines, and finds the courage to step forward. 

Any child who feels different or unsure of themselves will relate to Nigel. 

And just like Nigel, any of us with hopes and dreams sometimes wonder if we are wishing for too many things.

This book reminds us of the importance of being supported and seen for who you are. It encourages us to not be afraid to dream big!

The moon held onto Nigel’s dreams until he was ready to share them. Perhaps you to will share your dreams with the night sky—the moon is listening. 

Helps with: dreaming big, being proud of who you are, trusting in yourself, feeling different, family support, and being yourself.