March 19, 2019

When Old Turtle spoke, all the beings of the world became quiet and listened.

She hardly ever said anything.

It started out as an argument long ago. Back then, all the beings of the world (animals, rocks, wind, water, trees, birds, and fish) could understand each other.

The argument was about God.

Old Turtle settled the argument with one simple idea—God is everything.

But then humans came to earth. They argued, hurt one another, and hurt the earth.

Old Turtle reminds us to remember who we are and see God in everyone and everything. It doesn’t matter whether you call it Spirit, God, Mother Earth, or The Creator. This book works for people of all faiths.

Douglas Wood’s most well-known book opens our hearts to seeing the beauty of the earth and all its people. Captivating watercolour images bring a simple yet profound spiritual message to life.

I love this book for adults as much as children. It can also open up conversations about peace, tolerance, and hope. This is the kind of book to keep handy so you can read it again and again, to anyone who will listen.

Helps with: learning about peace, ecology, interconnectedness of all beings, tolerance, honouring the sacredness of life, seeing the beauty of the earth, seeing God or the divine in each other, and hope.