July 16, 2019

Melody is 11 and has never spoken a single word out loud. She can’t walk, talk, feed herself, or go to the bathroom on her own. Melody has cerebral palsy. She has a brilliant mind and a photographic memory—and no one knows.

The kids in her integrated classroom think Melody’s stupid. When she finally gets the Medi-Talker computer to help her speak, things start to change.

Being in grade 5 isn’t easy—kids can be cruel when you’re different.

Both my kids read this book in their classrooms and insisted I’d love it. They were correct! This book will change the way you and your kids view disabilities.

Melody’s story will remind you of how important it is to feel heard and understood.

This book brought me to tears many times. I was heart broken to see Melody being misunderstood over and over again. And I was deeply touched to see Melody being supported and encouraged by her parents, her babysitter Violet, and her assistant at school.

Melody’s brave and determined attitude helped her manage insurmountable struggle; she inspires me to find that same determination in myself.

Read this book to every elementary student you know. I promise you’ll love meeting Melody!

Helps with: Being different, awareness of disabilities and cerebral palsy, bullying, friendship, acceptance, support and understanding differences.