July 3, 2019

It was a rocky hill in the Arizona desert with nothing but sand, rocks, old boxes, cacti and desert plants. Marian called it Roxaboxen.

It was an enchanted place—brought to life by the children’s imagination.

Marian, her siblings and friends create a village and lively play worlds using what they find in nature.

Roxaboxen was always there, waiting for them, when they were ready to play, create and explore.

Reading this book, it’s hard not to think back to my own days of creative play as a child. It reminds me that the less we have to play with, the more creative we can be. I want to encourage that same creativity in my own kids.

With the summer holidays upon us, this book is a fabulous reminder that kids can use their imagination to create a rich and beautiful fantasy life that feels real and alive. We don’t have to entertain our kids with devices, presents, or constant activities.

Encourage your kids to get outside and explore using nothing but a stick and some rocks!

Helps with: imagination, creativity, unstructured time, play, fantasy, explore nature, and magic.