March 21, 2023

Have you met Stella and Sam yet? 

These adorable siblings spend their days together, entertaining themselves. 

If you haven’t read Marie-Louise Gay’s children’s picture books, you are missing out. 

This treasury brings all three books about Stella’s little brother together. Good Morning, Sam: Good Night, Sam and What Are You Doing, Sam? 

When my kids were little, we all loved the Stella books (there are 5 books). The humour and inquisitive relationship between Stella and Sam as well as the beautiful watercolour illustrations always kept us interested. The younger brother, Sam likes to ask a lot of questions and big sister Stella’s answers are so creative.  

 “Stella, can dogs read?” asked Sam. “Yes, but they need glasses.” said Stella. We then see Sam teaching Fred the dog to read. Fred is wearing the glasses he borrowed from Grandma.

Sam wants to get dressed by himself in the morning but needs Stella’s help.  When Sam can’t fall asleep without his beloved dog Fred, we discover what Fred is afraid of at night as they search the house for him. Or is it what Sam fears? In What are you doing, Sam? Sam gets up to some creative (and messy) play with Fred. 

These vibrant books are true to life and perfect for a toddler or preschooler in your life. The whimsical illustrations and simple text allow the pictures to tell the story from a child’s point of view.  

The loving bond between Sam and Stella permeates each page of the book, and ignites our imaginations.

Helps with: imagination, allowing pictures to tell a story, getting dressed in the morning, asking for help, sibling bonding and caring, nighttime fears, and a child’s point of view of the world.