November 23, 2022

This book is for anyone who finds meaning in nature. 

It celebrates the seasons, Indigenous traditions, and community. 

It’s a song of hope and home. 

“Sat beside a beaver dam and watched the winter grow.
Ice was hard with little tracks appearing on the snow.”

This lyrical book is based on the song by the same name, by internationally renowned Cree singer-songwriter Buffy Sainte-Marie. Illustrated with flowing, textured, and beautiful artwork by Cree-Métis artist Julie Flett, the song and illustrations tell a story of change, place, and Indigenous traditions.

I love that the sheet music is included and both the author and illustrators’ notes, add detail to the story. Buffy Sainte-Marie encourages us to think of the people and places we love most as she honours her Cree roots.

I’d recommend listening to the song while reading the prose and taking in the illustrations. This book is for all ages and the beautiful experience of reading and listening to the song will immerse you in the natural world and a feeling of wonder. 

Helps with: Learning about Indigenous traditions such as sweetgrass and jingle dancers, connecting to nature and changing seasons, feeling of home and community.