October 25, 2022

Chris did not like to sleep. 

He was a busy astronaut and his work was never done. 

He was also afraid of the dark. 

Even with his parents checking under the bed, opening the drawers and declaring his room alien free, Chris still couldn’t sleep. Every shadow in his room took the shape of a scary creature. 

Astronaut Chris Hadfield and author Kate Fillion have written this powerful book about a boy who faces his fears and becomes the person he’s always dreamt of being. The Fan Brothers illustrations are cosmic and vivid, and the glow in the dark cover (with the full Moon and stars) will delight those who love to read at nighttime under the covers. 

It’s interesting to learn about Chris Hadfield’s childhood and life and how he turned his fear into an acceptance of the power and mystery of the darkness of the universe. This led him to explore “every corner of the night sky” and reach his dreams of becoming an astronaut and the first Canadian Commander of the International Space Station. 

Imagining a courageous astronaut having fears, will help any child facing their real-life fears. It’s inspiring that as a child Chris was able to change how he saw the dark and he realized the possibilities that the darkness offers.  

Chris Hadfield says that; “The dark is for dreams—and morning is for making them come true”.

Let’s encourage kids to dream big! 

Helps with: facing fears, fear of the dark, knowing you are not alone, learning about outer space and Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield, and dreaming the impossible.