June 28, 2018

Do you want to go deep with your kids and help them understand spiritual ideas? This parable shares a conversation that the Little Soul has with Spirit—and God is not depicted as an old man in the sky with a grey beard. God is symbolized as the Sun. Little Soul knows that he is light and he’s ready to experience this and BE who he is. The only way to be all that he already is, is to experience a contrast to light.

Little Soul must experience the dark.

Thinking of the people who have challenged me in my life, I wept my way through this book. It reminded me to appreciate those who come into our lives to teach us to forgive—so easy to forget!

The Little Soul learns that before he was born, he agreed to—and designed—the ‘bad’ or difficult situations that happen to him. Readers learn that we all do this so we can experience the fullness of who we are.

The playful and excited Little Souls come up with a plan for their upcoming life together where they agree to remind each other who they are when they become lost, which we all do.

If you struggle with the darkness in the world, the meaning of difficult situations, or forgiving someone, you don’t want to miss this book. It delivered the message I needed to hear at the perfect moment. Children are closer to source, and they’ll be reminded of what they already know deep inside. They may also gain a new perspective on dealing with ‘bad’ people or painful situations.

Recommended for ages 6-12 years—and adults who want to heal and forgive. Get out the tissue, folks!

Helps with: forgiveness, gratitude, dealing with ‘bad’ things, tolerance, understanding the Soul and Spirit, knowing yourself, being yourself, light and dark, duality, being unique, perfection of creation, love, understanding reincarnation and past lives, unity, energy or vibration, angels, and healing.