November 7, 2018

What if you could teach your child about big concepts like time, space, and quantum physics, and how there are no boundaries to love? What if you could do this in a simple, relatable way? Mary Hoy Schmidt lets us into her bedtime ritual with her granddaughter, and opens up a world of wonder and possibilities for us all.

Through the true story of her conversations with her granddaughter Evelyn, we learn about the exponential power of love. With simple illustrations and text, Mary and Evelyn share how big our love can grow and how it will last forever.

The power of a grandparent’s love brought this gem to life for me. The fact that three generations of women created the story, inspires me to create with my own children.

The Most Love Ever! reminds us how children are never too young to understand the secrets of the universe, and we adults are never too old to learn from our wise little ones. Share this book with your child, grandchild, or classroom, and witness the power of love grow ever wider.

Helps with: grandparenting, bedtime rituals, imagination, self-worth, sharing love, simplifying quantum physics, understanding the power of love, the universe, time and space, eternity and infinity.