January 24, 2020

How do you teach little ones to understand what peace means?

Peace is giving shoes to someone who needs them
Peace is taking a nap
Peace is saying you’re sorry when you hurt someone
Peace is growing a garden

Todd Parr’s books are fun, silly and filled with hope. The bold brightly coloured pictures and positive messages are perfect for young children learning to read.

My kids and I loved this book when they were little. Todd Parr shares the meaning of peace with unique examples that help kids find peace inside. We not only learn about helping others and keeping our world clean but also about the importance of tolerating differences by exploring new languages and travelling to different places.

When I read a Todd Parr book (he’s a favourite), I always feel like he’s speaking directly to me. This simple book is timeless, meaningful and personal. It reminds us to help others and feel good about ourselves. Peace is being who you are!

Helps with: the meaning of peace and compassion, celebrating multiculturalism and diversity, emotional development, the importance of helping others, developing empathy, living in harmony with others, being unique, self love and learning to read.