December 26, 2019

If you’re feeling challenged or uncertain as the New Year approaches, this book will instantly bring you back to your heart. 

Written in lyrical rhyming prose, this simple picture book provides a reminder of the constants of life. The sky will still be there and the stars will still shine—no matter what you’re experiencing in life.

This would be the perfect book for a stressed out child who may be dealing with loss or a difficult transition.

Spend a few moments reading this book with your little one, and be reminded of the goodness of life. A wonderful way to welcome the New Year, I felt reassured and comforted by the message of hope.

I also love the reminder “in this new year, love will be strong”. This affirmation inspires me to take action and clearly set my intentions. How do I keep love strong as I start a new year? What will your focus be for the start of this new decade?

Helps with: new beginnings, new year, setting intentions, reassurance during uncertain times, support when grieving, feeling the goodness of life, remembering love, gratitude, living in the now, learning to read.