October 8, 2018

Reach for your own words.
Tell the world who you are and how you will make it better.
-Peter Reynolds

Learn new words in a playful way, and expand your child’s vocabulary!

Peter Reynolds, author of The Dot, does it again in this magical story about Jerome’s love of words. Once again, Reynolds brings to life the power of art and this time focuses on words. He shows us how we can use our words to understand, connect, and transform ourselves—and shares new words along the way. Wouldn’t we all be a little more fun with words like effervescent and infinitesimal in our back pocket? Multi-syllable words, dreamy words, short, sweet words, and sad words fill the pages.

Jerome collects his favourite words by listening, reading, and looking at words that jump out at him. An accidental slip when carrying his collection of words makes Jerome realize categories of words can be mixed and new poetic combinations like “blue harmony” ensue.

This book motivates me to appreciate the power of the words I choose. He reminds us words help people know how we feel, what we think, and what we want to create in our lives.

Helps with: creative self-expression, poetry, vocabulary, diversity, connection, communication, and empowering children to be themselves.