September 18, 2020

It’s time to wake up and take action—individually and globally.

If you want to learn how to resist racism, you need to read this book.

“In a racist society it’s not enough to be non racist we must be anti-racist” -Angela Davis

This book breaks down the big work of anti-racism into actionable steps that encourage youth to stand up to the adults in their lives and make a difference. It will bring you and your kids into important conversations about the dominant culture, privilege, institutionalized racism, personal racism, how we got here and how to change things moving forward.

Tiffany Jewell has concisely defined the work that needs to be done to interrupt and disrupt racism. Part workbook, history book and instructional guide (with a glossary of terms), I love how the author shares her personal experience as a Black, bi-racial cisgender activist. She discusses how she’s been impacted by racism and how to speak up against it. The book has vibrant illustrations that keep you wanting to turn the pages to see what’s next.

Written for children and young adults, this book is actually for everyone. A quick and engaging read, I appreciated the terms being defined and the encouragement to explore my own personal growth through the activities. While it’s never too young to talk about racism and challenge your family to do the work, this book is best suited for kids age 11 or 12 years old or older (grade 6/7 +). It’s a must read for adults raising kids or living in this world who want to contribute to changing the dominant culture.

A perfect resource for a classroom or a home where you are ready to do the work.

Tiffany Jewell reminds us that we grow from our discomfort. It’s okay to make mistakes as we’re all still learning. This is lifelong work.

Helps with: understanding anti-racist theory and practice, how racism came to be, privilege, microaggressions, institutionalized and personal racism, understanding personal identity and how to disrupt racism and become an anti-racist accomplice.