June 10, 2021

Have you ever felt that your idea was too big, too odd, or too difficult?

What will people think of your idea?

What do you do with an idea?

This story is about a little boy who has an idea show up in his life. The idea takes the form of a little egg with legs who wears a golden crown. The idea starts following him around.

At first, he tries to ignore it, but he soon realizes there’s something magical about his idea. He notices he feels better when it’s around and so he begins to feed it, love it, and nurture it.

The idea grows and so does the boy’s confidence. Until one day something amazing happens.

Kobi Yamada’s story reminds us to trust our ideas and let them grow into what they need to become.

“What do ideas become? Big things, brave things, smart things, silly things, good things. Things like stories, artwork, journeys, inventions, communities, products, and cures. Everything you see around you was once an idea.”

Mae Besom’s illustrations are whimsical, using light and colour to reveal how ideas can spark joy.

A single idea can change everything. The world needs your ideas.

Helps with: creativity, trusting yourself, nurturing ideas, seeing things differently, imagination, creating change, manifesting your world.